About our Roasters

Exmouth Coffee Roasters founders

Our factory is situated in Whitechapel, heart of Jack the Ripper. Opening up larger premises was a natural progression in the company.

Three guys founded Exmouth Coffee Roasters:

Eddie Grappy – Owner Sweet Boulangerie & Patisserie EC1 and Partner in Exmouth Coffee Company E1, Jamal Kabouche – Owner of Grounded Café E1 and partner in Exmouth Coffee Company E1, Smail Belhourai – Partner in Grounded Café E1 and a self-taught Roaster in coffee.

We opened up our doors in Spring 2014 with Gretchen our Coffee roasting machine. She was brought over from Holland. Our current workforce is four and we offer our services near and far. We are a family orientated business with great support from friends and family.

We currently have an ozone friendly delivery service of our Bike Delivery or it can be couriered to your door or alternatively you can pick it up direct from our Roasters.


Coffee bags

When selecting beans our approach is simple, we look for the best to make exceptional tasting coffee.

Finding top-quality Arabica beans involves an on going search, so aware so suppliers they invest a lot of time looking for small farms, estates and co-ops that are sustainably managed with high standards of agricultural practice and specialise in high grade beans. They then form great working relationships with the growers so our supply chain arrangements are made with the growers managing the farms.
To secure the continual quality and quantities that we require our suppliers like to visit the farms and millers and exporters in the various different coffee growing regions. At Origin, there is always something new to learn about different farming methods, customs and the conditions influencing the production and sales of coffee.

During these trips the suppliers often stay with the growers, and to see where their beans are grown, talk to the pickers and processors and spend time tasting the unique annual crops for body and aroma.

Sharing a conversation over a cupping session, a meal, a walk around the coffee farm brings a friendly familiarity to these visits. Being among the community also gives a first hand look at how they are benefiting from above market prices they receive for their coffees.

This way of buying coffee is mutually rewarding and achieves our continual focus on selecting beans for outstanding flavour in every cup.

Our blends

Our Beans are roasted in the heart of the East End of London with Love and Precision. We only roast four days a week to ensure you enjoy the quality and freshness in our coffee.

Coffee cup

Exmouth Blend

Exmouth Blend is a mix of Brazil, El Salvador, Niagara. It can change through the seasons to – Brazil, Guatemala, and El Salvador.
Bags of coffee beans

Single Origin

Single Origin means it’s just from a specific region. We use a few different single origins as it can change through the seasons. We use Kenyan and Ethiopian.
Making an espresso


We use Kenyan and Columbian.
Filtering coffee


Kenyan, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Our accessories

Discover our range of Coffee accessories. Click on any of the images to find out more.

Stump T-Pots for life
Hario Mini Mill slim hand Coffee Grinder
Hario small stainless steel Buono pour over kettle
Hario V60 Glass coffee server
Ceramic filter
Coffee maker
Filtering coffee

Our clientele

Packing coffee blends
Exmouth Coffee blends

Coffee Training

We work closely with our clients and guide them through the journey of coffee. Our training allows our customers to progress from novice to coffee Geek with additional top up calls if needed. 

This includes cupping, adjusting the grind, cleaning of the machines and lastly coffee making. Contact us to find out more about our trainings.

Customize your own unique blend with your own label

We can help you customize your own blend so you stand out from the rest. Our customers need good quality and a good selection to customize. We at Exmouth Coffee Roasters can do that for you.

All our beans are roasted by hand this includes our Single Origin to our blends and Espresso. You can build on your own blend that meets your profit margin and meets your customer’s requirements to enjoy your custom built coffee blend.
This also comes with your own unique label –subject to buying your own labels.

We will incorporate sustainability into your own brand for a stronger sale and a greener planet.

We can make coffee buying easy for you.

We can provide the machines for you as hire purchase; this also comes with technical support 7 days a week.

Try before you buy

For general enquiries or arrange a consultation in training/
tasting/cupping or for a free sample


Exmouth Coffee Roasters

Unit 1 Gunthorpe St
t: 020 7377 5011
e: info@exmouthcoffee.co.uk


We currently have our beans in some of these places:


Grounded E1
Sweet Boulangerie EC1
Travers Smith – City
Le Relais de Venise – City
Moe Diner