1 E.C.R Where
we roast
Exmouth Coffee Roasters
Unit 1 Gunthorpe St
London, E1 7RG
T. 020 7377 5011 E. info@exmouthcoffee.co.uk
2 Sweet Our Bean Merchants
Sweet Boulangerie & Patisserie
64A Exmouth Market
London, EC1R 4QP
T. 020 7377 5011 E. info@sweet.co.uk
3 Grounded Our Bean Merchants
9 Whitechapel Rd
London, E1 1DU
T. 020 7377 1703 E. hello@grounded-coffee.co.uk
4 Exmouth Coffee Company Our Bean Merchants
83 Whitechapel High Street
London, E1 7QX
T. 020 7377 1010 E. exmouthcoffee@gmail.com

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