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In a business In a time where everyone demands high-end coffee, it’s critical your business can provide it. Whether you’re looking to raise the game of the coffee you already sell, or launch a whole new coffee business from scratch, our team can help. From choosing the right beans and gear, to staff training.
At Work Whether it’s a boutique start-up or a multinational corp set on world domination, the days of having a communal jar of Kenco in the office kitchen are long gone. Whatever type of business you have, E.C.R. can help supply and advise on the best coffee for you. Just get in touch using the form below and we’d be happy to talk you through your options. Better still, why not just pop in for a chat. And a first-class cup of coffee, of course.
Residential and Co-living There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly brewed coffee to make a communal space feel, well, less communal. Depending on the size of your space you can opt for simple collection of French presses or go for the full monty and try a small batch brew machine. Take a gander at our brew guide for more options or pop-up into one our coffee shops where we’d be happy to give you a quick demo.

Looking to provide world-class coffee at your café, restaurant or business? You've come to the right place. Just drop us a line and we'd be happy to get you started.

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